No matter who we are, we will all have to pass tests at some point in our lives. A portion of these exams might be administered in a classroom, while others will just be a part of the “school of hard knocks.”

Because there is so much pressure to perform well on examinations, some people detest taking them. On the other hand, sometimes we take tests without even realizing it—or maybe we even go looking for them for the appropriate reasons.

This includes an assessment to determine your IQ and general level of intelligence. There’s no need to discuss the results with anyone, and these tests can be entertaining. It’s solely intended for your eyes.

That’s what the image that follows shows. Because no one can identify which chicken is different, this has gone viral.

It takes a sharp eye and a high IQ to determine which of these hens is unique. Many have attempted, but many have not succeeded.

You might look at each chicken to see if there are any differences if you would like a hint. By the way, this makes the puzzle harder rather than easier.

To save you from having to scroll back up, here is the image once more:

You just had one task to do and the picture included eight chickens. Even though it was a test, I enjoyed it.

Who doesn’t enjoy chickens, after all? Although we might not have one in our backyard, a lot of people utilize them for decoration since it’s fun to do so.

You might be wondering if it’s even possible to solve the puzzle at this point. Perhaps you are prepared for the response and have given up on the process.

We will be pleased to provide you with the solution, but please be aware that once you see the solution, there is no turning back.

Watch this video to get the solution and more, then scroll down for more details.
Let’s examine the images to see the differences between them.

#1. There is an additional toe on the second chicken.

#2. There are fewer tail feathers on the third bird.

#3. There is just one thigh wrinkle on the fifth bird.

#4. There’s an additional feather around the neck of the sixth fowl.

#5. The seventh chicken is glancing up.

#6. There’s a longer butt crease on chicken number eight.

#7. There’s another distinction, but it’s the one that gets overlooked the most. No other fowl can see chicken number eight. You are a genius if you figured that one out.

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